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We value our patients' experience at Vaughan Vitality Wellness. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Kristi Vaughan
Your Costa Mesa Functional Medicine Doctor

  • "I heard about a program for diabetes. Right away I booked a seminar and sign up for the program, because I care about my health. I was moody with no energy, my A1C was 10.7, and in 2 months it is down to 7. My blood sugar at it’s highest was 227, and now it is 83-90 I am feeling healthier than before. I would highly recommend this program, and can’t stop talking about it to friends and family. From day one the program has been out- standing and special thanks to Dr. K Vaughan."
    Tim M
  • "Dr. Vaughan has a way of assessing problems that no one else has been able to nd. I had various digestive issues that were giving me dif cultly. I had gas, indiges- tion and dif culty eating certain foods. After one visit and by following her suggestions to avoid certain foods for awhile and to take certain supplements, I have been symptom-free for these past few months. I whole heart- edly, believe in the methods Dr. Vaughan uses."
    Phil J
  • "I can not say enough good things about Doctor Vaughan. When my best friend/business partner rst started seeing her to about his diabetes, I knew there was going to be diet changes and to support him I de- cided to go on it with him. At each visit I went in with him. Even though I was not yet a patient of hers, Doctor Vaughan was always concerned with my well being. Her caring and openness made me want her as my doctor. I have been dealing with horrible stomach pains, aller- gies, getting every u or cold that came around, and polycystic ovarian syndrome for years. As you can imag- ine, I was in a lot of pain everywhere in my body."
    Jennifer H
  • "Amazing doctor who listens and understands! She not only treated my pain, but also got to the root of the problem. After blowing out two discs in my lower back, I didn't think I would be able to get back to Boot Camp and running again. Dr. Vaughn helped me get back to where I was before the injury, and has given me the tools to continue to excel. I highly recommend her!"
    Alison G
  • "I have many back issues from skateboarding and the staff here are super attentive. Dr Vaughan is the first of 7 doctors that actually show compassion and ultimate care for my symptoms. She spent an extra hour with me and is proactive at helping me get to a better state of living. Also i love the holistic approach. I highly recommend this place to anyone suffering from injury or other need!!!"
    Christopher S
  • "My blood sugars were out of control, 550-600. I was taking 7 shots a day. The max dose of 70 units and still my blood sugars were spiking. I was eating healthy and exercising. I had numbness in my hands and feet, my vision was blurred, I had cramping in my legs and joints. I was afraid I was going to die. My a1c 11.8. I am 24 days into the program and I have no numbness, cramping, and my vision is improved. My blood sugars are now in the 100s. I feel normal again. I feel alive again. My current readings are 134 to 176. The staff are great and helpful. If you are considering this program, it is so worth it! It’s a lifestyle change and it trains you to eat and live healthy for the rest of your life. If you really want to live without all the health complications and not just manage your disease, this is the way to go."
    Sally O.
  • "My 3 children have visited Dr. Vaughan for different issues and they all love her. She is gentle and caring, knows her business from head to toe; I highly recommend her to my clients."
    Chantal V.
  • "The activator works so well I LOVE THIS TOOL!! She is the best Chiropractor I ever been 2.. After being treated by Dr Vaughan I wouldn't go to anyone else.."
    Marcia A.
  • "My wife and I are recent "transplants" from Illinois and sought to resume our Chiropractic care. By chance, we found Dr. Vaughan. We have found her passion to provide good health to be exceptional! Combining Kinesiology with Chiropractic has produced amazing results for both of us. Thank you Dr. Kristi for your care and compassion!"
    Terry & Debbi V.
  • "My two young sons and I have been seeing Dr. Vaughan for about three years. Her ability to help us with our total wellness has been a gift. In addition to keeping our bodies adjusted, she has been instrumental in guiding our nutrition by identifying what foods we should keep out of our diets to have optimum health, as well as what our bodies are deficient in to aid us in feeling better, recovering from illness and staying healthy. The aspect of Dr. Vaughan’s care that I appreciate and seek the most is the NET testing she performs. She has a gift for clearing emotions and energy that prohibit us from healing and moving forward. I have noticed a huge impact on myself as well as my two boys. Because of the comprehensive care we have received from Dr. Vaughan, I feel educated on health and nutrition as well as feel unencumbered by issues that used to affect me."
    Nicole M.
  • "Dr. Vaughan is a knowledgeable Chiropractor and wellness coach. I have been going to help with my frequent headaches and it has been almost 2 months since my last migraine. I haven't had a 2 months break from migraines since I was in high school. Another benefit has been the re-adjustments on my back, which I didn't expect to make me feel as good as I do. My back feels "light" and has less stiffness than before. I recommend Dr. Vaughan to anyone that is in need of Chiropractic care or looking for alternative wellness solutions"
    Andrew G.
  • "Very nice Doctor. Would recommend :-)"
    Carolina R.
  • "Dr. Vaughan has a way of assessing problems that no one else has been able to find. I had various digestive issues that were giving me difficultly. I had gas, indigestion and difficulty eating certain foods. After one visit and by following her suggestions to avoid certain foods for awhile and to take certain supplements, I have been symptom-free for these past few months. I whole heartedly believe in the methods Dr. Vaughan uses."
    Phil J
  • "Dr. Vaughn's treatments methods might seem out of the ordinary to some but they work and work well. Even though you might be skeptical, the advantage to alternative medicine is that it will not hurt you and you will find that it will help your condition without the use of prescription drugs. I suffered from migraine headaches, but with alternative medicine treatments I have been migraine free for several years. I cannot argue with success. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose."
    Debbie J
  • "Doctor Vaughan is wonderful doctor. Because she works on the physical and mental body she is able to help on many levels. Her ability to diagnose and treat is almost magical. I am very fortunate to have found her and highly suggest everyone should meet with her"
    Kelly R
  • "My daughter is playing in a club soccer team and recently experiencing swollen on her right ankle. Dr. Vaughan treated her only two times and showed significant improvement on her ankle even visually. Since then, my daughter is playing soccer without any pain . Thanks Dr. Vaughan!"
    Jack L.
  • "I went to see Dr. Vaughan for a pain in my arm that kept getting worse with time. She proceeded to give me 4 laser treatments, and after the fifth treatment, the pain had gone away. I was also very impressed with Dr. Vaughan’s ability to determine the root cause of a problem through thorough muscle testing. I love her Holistic approach to healing."
    Sylvia A.