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Many people ask do I need nutritional supplements and why? My response is in a perfect environment, no one would need nutritional supplements. Yet, in todays unhealthy world, given all the stress on our nervous system and body, from environmental and chemical stressors, poor quality of food, preservatives and state of emotional stress we are all exposed to, most of us need to supplement with vitamins and minerals, for our body to sustain vitality and preform basic biochemistry necessary for life. The foods you eat no longer contain the sufficient vitamins and minerals required for optimal health. I would say, "100% of people that depend on foods alone, are deficient on one or more of vitamins and minerals."

Not all supplements are created equal....... It is important to find safe, high-quality, and effective nutritional supplement products. Be aware that all brands are not created equally. Certain companies are more careful about quality, sourcing of raw materials, consistency of dose from batch to batch, the use of active forms of nutrients, not using fillers, additives, and colorings. When choosing supplements it is important that you choose quality products. Quality is up to the manufacturer because of limited regulations regarding manufacturing. What to look for in quality supplements is manufactures who use GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), third party analysis and third party research studies to verify quality, clean products and free of harmful chemicals, and a long history of use or business and safety.

Each of the products offered in my store I have and personally use or have used, use in my clinical practice and all abide to the strict guidelines above. You can be assured these products are of the highest quality and standards.

Yours in health,

Dr. Kristi Vaughan, D.C., Functional Medicine Doctor